Who We Are

All Saints Anglican Church is…

  • diverse… comprised of people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have lived in the village of Erin all of their lives, even for generations; others have moved here only recently. There are those who are married, single, divorced, or widowed; professionals, trades workers, farmers, retirees and students. Some come from small families, some from large; some from near and some from far. There is likely someone at All Saints who has something in common with you.
  • active in the community… Parishioners of All Saints are involved in a wide variety of community activities and services. You will see smiling faces at the monthly communion dinner held in our parish hall. They are members of Rotary, Kinsmen, Lions and Optimists. They participate in the Fall Fair and other community events.
  • and growing… All Saints offers a wide variety of activities to nurture spiritual health and growth. Weekly Sunday services are the central gathering time for this community where there is ample space and time to worship and pray. Book studies, Sunday School and other education programs are offered throughout the year.

All Saints is a parish family of dedicated individuals who strive to follow ways and teaching of Jesus Christ to fill the earth with compassion, love and justice.

All Saints Anglican Church is a parish within …

  • the Diocese of Niagara, in
  • the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, in
  • the Province of Canada, in
  • the World Wide Anglican Communion.

All Saints is part of a much larger family which is connected to Anglicans (and Episcopalians) all around the world.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Niagara is The Right Reverend Michael A Bird

The Archbishop of the Province of Ontario is The Most Reverend Colin Johnson

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada is The Most Reverend Fred Hiltz

We have an interim minister whose responsibility is to maintain ministerial continuity during the period between departure of our former minister and arrival of our new minister.

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