Is there somewhere to park?

There is ample close by. You can park on both sides of the street, including right at the church. Just up Main Street there is off street parking on the right and retail parking a little further on the left.

What access is there for people in wheelchairs?

Your vehicle can stop close to the church and there is a wheelchair ramp leading to the side entrance. Entry into the church is level. The church hall and washrooms are accessed by a wheelchair elevator.

Do I have to dress up for church?

There was a time when Sunday Best was expected for church but life has moved on and many people now come in casual clothes or even jeans. We think Our Lord looks beyond what people are wearing.

I’d like our family to come to church but worry myDSCN0299 kids won’t enjoy it.

The All Saints Church congregation is particularly welcoming of children in church and well understand that they sometimes want to wander and chat. Children are involved in the service as much as is practical which they find interesting and enjoyable. Cookies, cake and refreshment after the service is definitely popular with kids.

In addition Messy Church is very different from Sunday Services and loved by families with children. Look for more information on Messy Church

I worry that coming to church means being pestered for money.

Like any other institution, it is true that the church is primarily supported by members. There are of course some enjoyable fund raising activities but the financial situation is shared openly so people can make their own support decision. Their contribution is completely private and they donate to the extent they are moved and can afford.

There’s a lot of activities, do I have to take part?

You are more than welcome to come to church for just a quiet relationship with God and there is no pressure to do otherwise. In time you may like to join in more but it is for you to decide and you will not be alone.

Are there people like me at church?

Well we don’t know anything about you but can almost certainly say yes. At All Saints, Erin there are people of all ages, children, teens, young adults, older adults, single, married, women, men, working, retired, Canadian born, new Canadians, etc, etc. The diversity makes for a good mix and you will find there are people like you.

I don’t know what it means to be Anglican

The Diocese of Niagara, of which All Saints is a member, has a document called A Beginners Guide to the Anglican Church. That is a good place to start.

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