Our next Virtual Messy Church is Tuesday December 8th from 5:30-6:45pm. To register please email Kelly Culp at Our Virtual Messy Church evenings usually go as follows: 5:30-5:45 – a chance for us to catch up with one another and chat, 5:45-6:05 – craft related the month’s theme (December will be the Christmas story and loving one another), 6:05-6:25 – our story that may involve a discussion or skit, 6:25-6:45 – music or activity related to our theme. 


Reopening this Sunday September 13th at 10 am. Here is an outline of what to expect :

  1. Please bring a mask (though we’ll have a few available) and enter by the side
    door so our greeters/sidespersons can “take attendance” (a Public Health
    requirement), offer hand sanitizing and escort you to a “socially distanced”
    (Note: you will need to keep all belongings with you at your seat – no hanging up
    coats or leaving items in the side hall. All downstairs spaces are “off limits” for
    now – but you may use the upstairs bathroom, if needed, providing you observe
    cleaning protocols posted there!)
  2. Please leave offerings in the plate at the front of the church since we cannot
    pass it around later in the service.
  3. Once in our seat, unless we are a reader or psalmist, we stay there. (“The
    Peace” is a kind nod to each other from our seats.)
    4 .While we hope we will have music, there cannot be congregational singing in
    case of virus-droplet spread.
  4. Celebrating the Eucharist: (summary of Diocesan guidelines for priests)
    a. the priest will consecrate the Spiritual wine and bread (wafers); the
    priest will stand alone at the altar, wearing a mask when speaking.
    b. communicants remain in their pews with outstretched hands,
    continuing to wear their masks, while the priest distributes wafers
    individually to communicants.
    c. the priest will use hand sanitizer/wear gloves for distributing the
    wafers and must always wear a mask. Wafers will be placed carefully in
    communicant’s hand with minimal contact.
    d. once the communicant has received the wafer, he/she will wait until
    priest has moved on before lowering mask to consume it, then re-cover
    the face.
  5. When our service is over, we should leave our places, directed by
    sidespersons, in a “socially distanced” manner and exit the church by the main
    front door. (Sadly, we cannot share food and fellowship downstairs for the

I know it all sounds quite strange, but it is necessary to follow all health
guidelines and protect each other.
Do hope this information is helpful for your decision. Remember, Rev. Joan will
continue to email out the weekly services to those of you who wish to stay
home for now.

In amongst the gloom of the pandemic and isolation, Wendy & Doug Hamilton are thrilled to share the news that they have another grandchild, Arthur Kit Hamilton Jordan, born on May 4th, to their daughter Jessica and husband Chris in the Okanagan BC. All are doing well.

Sorry to have to share the news that Jim Thompson, loving husband of Marilyn Thompson, died in Shelburne from a heart attack on Thursday April 1st. Jim & Marilyn had been loyal Church members at All Saints up to a few months ago when they moved to Shelburne.

Marilyn can be contacted by phone and for her number, please contact Beth Hopkins at . Alternatively Marilyn’s address is Unit 211, 250 Robert St, Shelburne, Ontario, L9C 3P9.

There will be a private cremation and a Celebration of Life when gatherings are again permitted.

All Saints hosts goodwill visit from Erin Islamic Cutural Centre

September 29th. All Saints welcomed new neighbours in Erin, the Imam and members of the Islamic Cultural Centre. In the interests of peaceful coexistence between faiths, we learned something about our respective religions, common ground and differences. Over coffee and cake, the Imam answered questions, some very tough, with good humour and respect. A very worthwhile experience.

Goodwill visit from Erin Islamic Culture Centre

Do you enjoy singing in the shower?

If you do you would really enjoy singing with us, not in the shower but at All Saints Church. We are a group of nine (both young and old), who are hoping to grow to twelve with your help. We have a lot of fun and at the same time produce some really beautiful sounds.

We have a wonderful, understanding choir director who not only teaches us but encourages us. He also plays the piano and the organ for us.

So come and give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.

You know what they say “if Sask can sing in the choir then anyone can.”

Contact “Sask” Wilford at 519-855-6268 or



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