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From Reverend Joan Dunn – April 4th :

Holy Week and Easter 2020

All Saints Anglican Church

Holy Week and Easter Blessings to all:

Yes, I will continue to say so…”It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood”, despite the fact that we are dealing with the Covid-19 virus!

God has gifted us with each other, with sunshine, rain, and greening grass. And, let’s not forget the birds! Just as the seasons change, we must deal with the reality of change in our lives – this change brought on by a virus, keeping us away from each other, literally. We have temporarily lost our freedom, our usual day is not usual at all! We fear for the fragile health of our loved ones, even ourselves.  As they say, this time is not ‘for the faint of heart.’  Yet, here we are.

Along with the negative aspects of this virus, I invite you to consider a realistically positive perspective of this time. Once the shock had subsided, I began to take a refreshing look at our world, through the eyes of a child – specifically, my granddaughter, Luna.  At present, she (along with her mom and dad) is living with us. Permit me to share with you a view the world from her perspective.

On the cusp of turning three, Luna has little idea of  the changes going on around her.  When it’s nighttime, she goes to bed.  In the morning, she awakes, has her breakfast, and starts the important task of playing with her toys.  She doesn’t watch the news.  She watches a few shows that make her happy. Luna then goes outside, rides her scooter up and down the street, then comes back in for a snack. Lunch…a nap…playing…dinner…a bath…bedtime.  Ah, the life!

Of course our lives are more complex than that, yet, she has a way of teaching, without the words.  Luna is showing us how to live in the present.  She demonstrates that, as long as her basic needs are met, life goes on.  Of course we adults need to consider our safety, such as heading out to the store for groceries, keeping tabs on our outside world (and not overdoing it). Yet, maybe, at this time of temporary isolation, Luna is demonstrating a  perspective of simpler times, when we do just what needs to be done, what meets our needs, and those of our loved ones.

Could it be that we busy ourselves with lots of unnecessary ‘stuff’ in our lives?  Whether physically or socially might we, possibly, turn our busy-ness down a notch?  Would that give us time to consider what is truly important in our lives?  The reality may be that, what affects our sisters and brothers truly does affect us. And that looking after one another is good for all in community. Yes, we are all in this together.  And, how we react to this epidemic truly does matter to our community, not just to us.

Let’s consider Jesus, especially during this time of Holy Week, when Jesus was amongst those who did not care for one another, let alone him! Through this Holy Week, we observe Jesus being accosted, being spat upon, beaten and nailed to a cross. 

Could it be that the sacrifice….His sacrifice…his life, that is immeasurably entwined with ours, is Jesus teaching us in our time of trial?  Of course, our situations are different, yet sacrifice is highlighted in both worlds. The words  “love one another as I have loved you,” ring out loud and clear.  Perhaps his words are even more pertinent today than in past Holy Week and Easter times…

This Holy Week, we will not be together physically – something that has not happened in recent memory. I invite you to stay tuned to one another.  As we are not physically together, I hope you are able to access the Internet at this time. If you are not comfortable with the Internet, perhaps a family member will set up a computer to enable you to watch the Holy Week services on The Anglican Diocese of Niagara’s website.

Myself and other parish priests are becoming a bit ‘media savvy,’ and are working on Internet services for you.  Here is what is planned, thus far:

April 5 – Palm Sunday: Livestreamed on Facebook at 10:00am and posted on YouTube by 2:00pm.

April 8 – Taize Service at 7:00 pm on “Zoom” – (see attached links to access it). If you do not have access to this site, I will send out a link to the recorded service afterwards. Theme: Sacred Anticipation

April 9 – Maundy Thursday: Livestreamed on Facebook at 7:00pm and posted on YouTube by 9:00pm.

April 10 – Good Friday: A multi-voice worship service will be posted at 9:00am on Facebook and YouTube.

April 11 – Service at 8:00 pm – The Great Vigil of Easter, an online liturgy of the Resurrection of Christ. Again, a “Zoom” internet posting. If you do not have access to this site, I will send out a link to the recorded service afterwards.

April 12 – Easter: Livestreamed from Christ’s Church Cathedral on Facebook at 10:00am and posted on YouTube by 2:00pm, with a homily by Archbishop Linda Nicholls.

Unfortunately, palm fronds and crosses cannot be distributed this season. Continue to check Facebook for other updates. 

As for donations, you may leave an envelope in the Church mailbox. Or you can mail a cheque (made out to All Saints, Erin) to Chuck Williamson, 359 The Grange Sideroad, Terra Cotta, ON  L7C 0E3.

You may also access the Diocese of Niagara donation site at: www.niagaraanglican.com/donate . This is a secure site; your donation will be forwarded on to All Saints Anglican in Erin, just follow the instructions.

The Diocese website also offers a great Resource Hub, which offers faith based information, as well as links to health-related questions: niagaraanglican.ca/news/covid-19-resource-hub

I will continue to post on the allsaintserin webpage and Facebook page, as well as telephone you. Never hesitate to telephone me at (416) 897-5578.

Blessings be to you and to your family, this day, and especially throughout our dealings with the Covid-19 virus. I pray for your welfare through this Easter Season. Through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ.  Forever and Ever. Amen.

Taize – Music and Meditation for Holy Week : https://zoom.us/j/457455770?pwd=UHZqZ0hqQ0ZXZXRnQUxocGFWQ0tXQT09

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