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This Sunday our service will be live on Zoom. All are welcome to join in. Please call 519 833 9961 (but this week only, due to IT difficulties, do not email allsaintserin@bellnet.ca) and leave your name and email address so we can send you an invitation

April 18th, 2021 Morning Service

 Third Sunday after Easter

Hymn: Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken     #388 (Austria)

1 Glorious things of thee are spoken,
Zion, city of our God;
he whose word cannot be broken
formed thee for his own abode;
on the Rock of Ages founded,
what can shake thy sure repose?
With salvation’s walls surrounded,
thou may’st smile at all thy foes.

2 See the streams of living waters,
springing from eternal love,
well supply thy sons and daughters,
and all fear of want remove;
who can faint while such a river
ever flows their thirst t’assuage?
Grace, which like the Lord, the giver,
never fails from age to age.

3 Round each habitation hov’ring,
see the cloud and fire appear
for a glory and a cov’ring, showing that the Lord is near;
thus deriving from their banner
light by night and shade by day,
safe they feed upon the manna
which he gives them when they pray.

4 Savior, if of Zion’s city
I, thro’ grace, a member am,
let the world deride or pity,
I will glory in thy name;
fading is the worldling’s pleasure,
all his boasted pomp and show;
solid joys and lasting treasure
none but Zion’s children know.

Rev’d Joan: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with you all
All : And also with you.

Rev’d Joan: Let us pray.

We thank you, O God, that you have again brought
us together on the Lord’s Day to praise you for your
goodness and to ask your blessing. Give us grace to
see your hand in the week that is past, and your
purpose in the week to come; through Christ our Lord.

All : Amen.

Rev’d Joan: Dear friends in Christ, as we turn our hearts and minds
to worship almighty God,
let us confess our sins.
All : Most merciful God, we confess that we have sinned against you
in thought, word, and deed, by what we have done
and by what we have left undone.
We have not loved you with our whole heart;
we have not loved our neighbours as ourselves.
We are truly sorry and we humbly repent.
For the sake of your Son Jesus Christ,
have mercy on us and forgive us,
that we may delight in your will,
and walk in your ways,
to the glory of your name. Amen

Rev’d Joan: Merciful God, grant to your faithful people pardon and peace,
that we may be cleansed from all our sins
and serve you with a quiet mind;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

All : Amen.

Rev’d Joan: The Peace of the Lord be always with you
All : And also with you

The Collect of the Day
O God, in Christ’s humiliation, you stooped down,
and raised up the fallen world in the resurrection,
grant to your faithful people a holy joy,
so that those whom you have freed
may delight in you eternally;
through Jesus Christ who is alive with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

The Proclamation of the Word
First Reading: 1 John 3:1-7 (Rosemary McCallum)
See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children
of God; and that is what we are. The reason the world does not know us
is that it did not know him. Beloved, we are God’s children now; what we
will be has not yet been revealed. What we do know is this: when he is
revealed, we will be like him, for we will see him as he is. And all who
have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure.
Everyone who commits sin is guilty of lawlessness; sin is lawlessness.
You know that he was revealed to take away sins, and in him there is no
sin. No one who abides in him sins; no one who sins has either seen him
or known him. Little children, let no one deceive you. Everyone who
does what is right is righteous, just as he is righteous.
Holy Wisdom, Holy Word.
All : Thanks be to God

Psalm 4 (Lindsay Ogilvie)
1 Answer me when I call, O God, defender of my cause; *
you set me free when I am hard-pressed;
have mercy on me and hear my prayer.
2 “You mortals, how long will you dishonor my glory; *
how long will you worship dumb idols
and run after false gods?”

3 Know that the LORD does wonders for the faithful; *
when I call upon the LORD, he will hear me.
4 Tremble, then, and do not sin; *
speak to your heart in silence upon your bed.
5 Offer the appointed sacrifices *
and put your trust in the LORD.
6 Many are saying, “Oh, that we might see better times!” *
Lift up the light of your countenance upon us, O LORD.
7 You have put gladness in my heart, *
more than when grain and wine and oil increase.
8 I lie down in peace; at once I fall asleep; * for only you, LORD, make me dwell in safety.
Together: Faithful defender, do not let our hearts be troubled, but fill
us with such confidence and joy that we may sleep in peace and
rise in your light; through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen

The Gospel Reading
Deacon Irene: The Lord be with you
All : And also with you
Deacon Irene: The Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Luke
All : Glory to you, Lord Jesus Christ
Jesus himself stood among the disciples and said to them, “Peace be
with you.” They were startled and terrified, and thought that they were
seeing a ghost. He said to them, “Why are you frightened, and why do
doubts arise in your hearts? Look at my hands and my feet; see that it is
I myself. Touch me and see; for a ghost does not have flesh and bones
as you see that I have.” And when he had said this, he showed them his
hands and his feet. While in their joy they were disbelieving and still
wondering, he said to them, “Have you anything here to eat?” They gave
him a piece of broiled fish, and he took it and ate in their presence.
Then he said to them, “These are my words that I spoke to you while I
was still with you—that everything written about me in the law of Moses,
the prophets, and the psalms must be fulfilled.” Then he opened their
minds to understand the scriptures, and he said to them, “Thus it is
written, that the Messiah is to suffer and to rise from the dead on the
third day, and that repentance and forgiveness of sins is to be
proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are
witnesses of these things.” (Luke 24:36b-48)
Deacon Irene: This is the Gospel of Christ
All : Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ

Rev’d Joan: Homily

“May the words from my lips, and the mediations of all our hearts and
desires, be acceptable to you O Lord, our strength, and our Redeemer.”
There is much richness in today’s Gospel, the Gospel of Luke. We read in
this Gospel, that not just Thomas, aka ‘Doubting Thomas’, is the questioning
one. It appears in this reading, to be all of the Disciples. Jesus asks the
terrified gathering, “Why are you frightened, and why do doubts arise in
your hearts? Look at my hands and my feet; see that it is I myself. Touch
me and see; for a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you see that I
It appears that again the Disciples needed to have pragmatic proof that this
is Jesus, in the flesh. Isn’t that so true today? In order to believe, we need
to understand. Our understanding may include gathering information by
sight, by touch, by smell. I know my mother, when deciding on a new dress
to buy from a store, would always feel the fabric, and say, “what’s it made
of?” She wanted to ensure the fabric was the real deal, that it was up to her
standards, and worthy of her parting with some hard earned money.
Jesus had been through this with the Disciples before! I wonder if Jesus
became frustrated at this point. He asks them for something to eat. Was he
hungry, or was he trying to prove to them that, indeed, he was flesh and
blood?! For ghosts cannot eat fish! As well, is it a precursor to the way in
which they and we break bread? Together when we share in the communion
of Christ?
Is Jesus, even today, showing us that, even then, with Jesus standing right
in front of them, the Disciples still had difficulty understanding his
resurrection? Quite a heady topic, even back then! Jesus was there, in the
flesh explaining it to them! No wonder people today have difficulty
understanding the resurrection!
How do you come to terms with Jesus’ resurrection? There are situations in
the Bible that are very difficult to comprehend. Just consider Easter…Jesus
dies. We understand that. Jesus is laid in a tomb. Jesus’ body goes missing. Jesus is resurrected. Resurrected? How is this possible,
pragmatically speaking? Is this a part of the Bible that is referred to as the
mystery of Christ? How does Jesus come back and speak with the Disciples,
after his death? Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus talked to his disciples. They
doubted. We read the texts. We understand the words, yet, we doubt.
Does that make us bad Christians? Possibly, today’s reading is so similar to
last week’s reading in the Gospel of John, because Jesus knows it’s difficult.
And, Jesus truly wants to help us understand his resurrection.
Last week, in John’s Gospel, we hear that Jesus breathes on the disciples,
filling them with the Holy Spirit. He says to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.
If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins
of any, they are retained.” Jesus is breathing the breath of the Holy Spirit
on his Disciples.
And today it continues, Jesus says, “These are my words that I spoke to you
while I was still with you—that everything written about me in the law of
Moses, the prophets, and the psalms must be fulfilled.” Again, Jesus refers
back to what he had already taught the Disciples, (and today us), continuing
to enforce his message. What is different in Luke’s Gospel, is that Jesus
directly tells the disciples that they are to be witnesses. 
Today, there is an additional message; Jesus is saying, the Spirit will come,
yet now I give you the content of my message, which you will tell, as you
educate others. He is saying, “this is important. That you tell of
repentance and forgiveness that will come in my name.”
It is here where we are able to enter the story. The story of the
resurrection… And, we come with our doubts, confusions, fears and
misunderstandings. We, each week, through gathering together,
encounter the risen Christ. In the reciting of the scriptures and the
dissection through homilies, we are offered thoughts, and explanation,
proclaiming the good news of what God has done and is doing.
We may eat with Christ, breaking the bread of the resurrection in the
Eucharist.  (Perhaps like the early Christians we should share fish as well?)
The Spirit brings enlightenment, opening our hearts and minds, setting our hearts afire. Finally, the exit should be ours for Christ has sent us out into
the entire world to be witnesses to this amazing news.
As it says in today’s reading, we are the Disciples, who carry on the story of
the resurrection. We are witnesses of these things, through the Disciples,
through Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Apostles’ Creed
Rev’d Joan: Let us confess our faith as we say,
All : I believe in God,
the Father almighty,
creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord.
He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit
and born of the Virgin Mary.
He suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died, and was buried.
He descended to the dead.
On the third day he rose again.
He ascended into heaven,
and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again
to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting. Amen.

Hymn: Author of Life Divine                                #64 (Rhosymedre)

1 Author of life divine,
who hast a table spread,
furnished with mystic wine
and everlasting bread,
preserve the life thyself hast given,
preserve the life thyself hast given,
and feed and train us up for heaven.

2 Our needy souls sustain
with fresh supplies of love
, till all thy life we gain,
and all thy fullness prove,
and, strengthened by thy perfect grace,
and, strengthened by thy perfect grace,
behold without a veil thy face.

The Prayers of the People (Chuck Williamson)

Leader In peace we gather to pray for our family, our friends, our
colleagues, and our acquaintances. The invitation at the end of each petition
will be “Gracious God”, and the response will be “hear our prayer”.
In the Anglican Church of the World, we pray for The Church of Ireland, for
the most reverend John McDowell, Bishop of Armagh and Primate of All
Ireland, and for the 375,000 members of the Irish Church.
In our own Diocese of Niagara, we pray for St. Elizabeth, Burlington, the
Reverend Canon Susan Wells, Interim Pastor, and the people of that parish.
Here in Erin, we pray for our friends and neighbours at Hillsburgh Baptist
Church, for the six members of the Deacons Committee, and the people of
that congregation, that through their faith and prayers and good works, they
may further the growth of God’s kingdom on earth. Gracious God,
People : hear our prayer.
Leader For our clergy and leaders, for our Primate, Linda, for our Bishop,
Susan, for our Rector, Joan, and for our Deacon, Irene, Gracious God,
People : hear our prayer.
Leader For Elizabeth our Queen, for our federal, provincial, municipal and
local leadership, and for all those in authority, Gracious God,
People : hear our prayer.
Leader For this town of Erin, for those who live here in faith, and for all our
friends and neighbours, Gracious God,
People : hear our prayer.
Leader For the healing and wholeness of those in our own parish, especially
Pam N, Sean, Lucy, Pam A, Erica, Carol, Shirley, and others about whom we
are concerned – Hugh and family, Kyle, Joanna, and Joanne, Heather, Cameron and Nicola, Elaine, Karen, Jean, Sean. Gayle. Eric, Enid, Diane, and
Nancy, Gracious God,
People : hear our prayer.
Leader For the troubled places of the world, for the people everywhere who
are dealing with the pandemic in some way, and for the families of those in
intensive and acute care. Let us also pray for those who live, and have lived
for many years, as refugees in places like Syria. Pray for those in the
medical field who have suffered and died while providing care to others, and
for those in the service industries who are suffering an economic loss,
Gracious God,
People : hear our prayer.
Leader For the members of our military, uniformed and civilian, for our
Canadian soldiers, airmen and sailors on deployment in Iceland, Kosovo, The
Baltics, Cyprus, The Congo, South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and
Egypt, as well as those serving at home and supporting the vaccine
distribution, and in particular, we pray for our special operators who remain
on active duty in many of the world’s most dangerous places. Let us also
pray for those nurses, doctors, and support staff who are working hard and
long hours to deliver the vaccine into our arms, and for those who are able,
willing and anxious to go to work, but are prevented by provincial rules,
Gracious God,
People : hear our prayer.
Leader For all who have died who are near and dear to us, and today we
remember Wendy Hamilton’s mother Bunty, who passed from this life on
Wednesday, just one month shy of her 100 th birthday. We continue our
prayers for the residents of Bethel Hospice and Wellington Hospice, and for
all those nearing death. May God’s grace be abundantly upon them, and
peace and strength be with their loved ones. Gracious God,
People : hear our prayer.
Leader Living God, long ago, faithful women proclaimed the good news of
Jesus’ resurrection, and the world was changed forever. Teach us to keep
faith with them, that our witness may be as bold, our love as deep, and our
faith as true. Amen.
People : Amen.

Prayer of Confession
Rev’d Joan: Come, let us return to the Lord and say,

All : Lord our God, in our sin we have avoided your call.
Our love for you is like a morning cloud,
Like the dew that goes away early
Have mercy on us;
Deliver us from judgment;
Bind up our wounds and revive us;
In Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rev’d Joan: May the God of all healing and forgiveness Draw us to God’s self
And cleanse us from all our sins
That we may behold the glory of his son,
The Word made flesh,
Jesus Christ our Lord

Prayer over our Gifts
Rev’d Joan: Gracious and loving God, We thank you for the gift of love,
and the gifts of your people, here with us virtually today.
We thank you for all gifts,
including those of time, talent and treasure.
For all things come from you,
and of your own do we give you. Amen.

The Lord’s Prayer
All : Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever. Amen.

The Prayer of St. John Chrysostom
All : Almighty God, you have given us grace at this time with one
accord to make our common supplications to you, and you have
promised through your well-beloved Son that when two or
three are gathered together you will hear their requests. Fulfill
now our desires and petitions, as may be best for us, granting
us in this world knowledge of your truth, and in the age to
come eternal life; for you, Father, are good and loving, and we
glorify you through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord, in the Holy
Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

Our Doxology

Glory to God All : whose power, working in us,
can do infinitely more
than we can ask or imagine.
Glory to God from generation to generation,
in the Church and in Christ Jesus,
for ever and ever. Amen

Rev’d Joan: May the God of special and trying times
Continue to show you love in every way,
in every day,
And the glory of God Almighty,
Father, Son and Holy Sprit
Continue to be with you today and every day.
In Jesus Christ we pray.

Deacon Irene: My brothers and sisters in Creation, Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord. Alleluia!
All : Thanks be to God. Alleliuia!

Hymn: Rejoice, the Lord is King                         #379 (Darwall)
1 Rejoice, the Lord is King! Your Lord and King adore!
Rejoice, give thanks and sing
and triumph evermore.
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice:
rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

2 Jesus the Saviour reigns,
the God of truth and love;
when he had purged our stains,
he took his seat above.
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice:
rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

3 His kingdom cannot fail;
he rules o’er earth and heaven;
the keys of death and hell
are to our Jesus given.
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice:
rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

4 He sits at God’s right hand
till all his foes submit,
and bow to his command,
and fall beneath his feet.
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice:
rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

5 Rejoice in glorious hope;
Jesus, the Judge, shall come
and take his servants up
to their eternal home.
We soon shall hear the archangel’s voice;
the trump of God shall sound, rejoice!




Acknowledgement of the Land:
We acknowledge that we gather on the traditional territory of a number of First Nations and
acknowledge their stewardship of this land throughout the ages. We seek a new relationship
with the Original Peoples of this land, one based in honour and deep respect.
Materials used in the development of this service are taken from Faith and Worship, Blogspot
and Pastor workshop


You will find this service online by viewing our website, or the Youtube
webpage. Simply search “All Saints Anglican Church Erin On” to view this,
and past services.
As always, your offerings to the Church are much appreciated.
You may mail donations to:
All Saints, PO Box 358, 81 Main Street, Erin, ON, Canada N0B 1T0
https://niagaraanglican.ca/parish/all-saints-erin and click on “donate now.”
Thank you, and we hope you’ll join us, virtually and in person, soon!
Rev’d Joan

The desk of the Deacon – Erin Food Bank
Bringing the concerns of the community to the people of All Saints’
In recent correspondence with Stephanie Conway who heads up the community
Food Bank through EWCS I posed many questions to her. Some of those I share
with you today –
From January of 2020 to January of 2021 there has been an increase of 45
individuals seeking the help of the Food Bank
Gift cards for groceries enable the family to purchase fresh vegetables, dairy and
Quoting Stephanie Conway
“While the community has been very generous over the Christmas holidays there
is concern for what the future may hold during this time of pandemic especially
should there be an increase in food bank clients.”
I return to my thoughts – and they are that action needs to happen now. What
form that action takes on an individual bases depends on our own personal
finances and how we best think we can help be of help now and in the months to
One way is to access the web site of EWCS and sign up to make a one time or a
monthly donation. All contact information is listed below.
Another is to check the web site for the most needed items and add them to our
own grocery orders. Of course grocery cards remain a much needed commodity.
Currently the ten most needed items are – carrots, apples, oranges, grocery gift
cards, peanut butter, toilet paper, instant coffee, bread, eggs and milk.
In a recent article focused on food bank needs it was suggested that donating a
cake mix and icing and the additional ingredients needed to bake the cake may
just be the way to insure that a child has a birthday cake. It is difficult to think of
a child not having a special cake for their special day.
Contact information:
519 833-9696 ext. 222
45 Main Street Erin, Ontario Office is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
*Currently there is not a staff member on the front desk so ring the bell located
by the front door.

1st time Zooming?
I know it feels daunting! Just follow these steps
and you’ll be zooming in no time!

First, watch this video:

Written Instructions
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Step 4: Once the application is downloaded on your desktop, install and
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You will now see a prompt to open the link in the Zoom app.

Step 5: Grant the necessary permissions to the Zoom app to use your
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