In Christian marriage, two people declare publicly their love for one another, giving voice to their hopes and dreams for life-long love and companionship, for friendship and fidelity, for encouragement and support, for growth and challenge in their relationship with each other, with God and with creation. The couple being joined by Holy Matrimony do so knowing they do not do so alone, but with God’s help and with the support of the Christian community around them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marriage

When can we get married?

The rules of the church require that the request to marry be made to the minister no less than 60 days before the proposed date of the wedding. It is advisable to confirm a date with our minister BEFORE booking your banquet hall.

Do we have to get married in the church?

In most situations, the church is the most appropriate and preferred place in which to celebrate a Christian wedding. If your situation is unique, this can be discussed with our Minister.

What kind of service can we have?

Although there is flexibility in the marriage service for some creativity, the details about the service are to be discussed directly with our Minister.

Should I worry that some guests are not churchgoers?

Our church is a beautiful setting for possibly the most meaningful event in the lives of a loving couple. The happy, meaningful and relaxed nature of a modern church wedding is thoroughly enjoyed by all guests whatever their lifestyles.

Is there a fee?

The fees for Weddings at All Saints are all very reasonable but vary according to the size and type of wedding. Please contact our Minister, Reverend Joan who can help you understand the options.

Are your halls available for a reception?

You may find our facilities are perfect for the kind of reception you are planning. For details of our facilities click on Hall and Kitchen Rentals

How do I find out more?

Please speak to our Minister right at the beginning of your wedding planning process and arrange a time to meet to discuss your questions further. Find contact details on our contact us page.

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