Lay Readers

A Lay Reader is an individual who self identifies as having a desire to serve the Creator and the Creator’s church.  A Lay Reader must be a regular attendant in the worship of All Saints’ Church and in receiving Holy Communion as well as being active in the support of the Parish.  He or she must be familiar with the offices and prayers in the Book of Alternative Services and with the seasons of the Church.  The Lay Reader should have an understanding of the Anglican Church history and always be open to new educational opportunities, retreats or other ways to further his or her journey of faith.

In all manners relating to the conduct of the service, to the sermons or homilies to be read, and to proper dress, the Lay Reader shall conform to the direction of the Incumbent.  Under this direction, the Lay Reader may administer the chalice, and lead the Prayers of the People.  At All Saints’ a Lay Reader takes part in worship at both services and at additional services as required and as scheduled.  The call to serve is best outlined in a prayer written in a booklet Lay Eucharistic Ministers by Beth Maynard “Here I am Lord.  There are many reasons I am here, but this is the real one; I have come because you called me.  I offer myself and my time and my gifts to serve that call.  Use me today for your glory and for the welfare of your people, through Jesus Christ out saviour.  Amen”

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