High Hopes

High Hopes is a women’s social group that had its beginning many years ago with a DSCN0589group of young mums. These original members are almost all grandmothers now. The name was chosen to reflect the attitude that these women looked up to the generation before them.

Newcomers will find we are an open and welcoming group, and you need not have kids and grandkids to have a fun night out with us. We meet at 7:30, on the first Monday of the month, from September to June, for a little inspiration, some fun and great snacks. High Hopes takes on projects and puts on retreats. If we make money we use it to support a couple of favourite charities and to help with the Sunday School picnic, etc. We are not a fund raising committee but sometimes our fun turns a profit. The hostess for a monthly meeting is posted in the Sunday bulletin.

This is one of the church groups that can help a new congregation member to meet others and become a part of the All Saints’ community.

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