HPIM0828Not just “coffee hour” – Fellowship!

For those of you who congregate in the church hall following a main Sunday Service, chances are that you are aware that it’s about much more than the coffee. And yes, it’s even about more than the oft yummy snacks and treats that are served. It’s a time and place where we connect socially with the people we spend time with on Sundays. We’re not just Anglicans who attend All Saints Church. We’re people with lives outside of church. Collectively, we have children, we work or go to school or volunteer, have hobbies and interests, a hidden talent or two; we also have challenges and stressors and sometimes things we need help with. This time of fellowship makes our time within church so much richer because we are more aware of and connected to the people we sit beside. And in front of, behind, down the aisle from…

Please join us for fellowship, following whichever service you choose to attend. Also, if you’re interested in helping out with this valuable Ministry, please contact our Minister or Church Office – click on Contact Us.

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