Community Dinner

We began our monthly Community Dinners in December 2010 as a means of reaching out to the community beyond the Parish. We simply offer a warm welcome, and hand of friendship and a delicious hot meal.

We do not charge any money nor do we pass a collection plate but we do have a basket beside the door to which people are free to contribute if they feel so moved. Fortunately, we’ve so far been self-supporting through voluntary contributions, shrewd shopping practices, and most importantly, the fantastic support we’re getting from the rest of the Parish and the Erin community.

Our dedicated volunteers do the shopping, prep the hall, cook the food and clean up. We advertise in the local papers, and we place flyers at the Laundromat and the food bank. Each time, we see more and more newcomers at the dinner and that is what keeps us coming back for the next month! The new people who come to our dinners seem truly grateful for the opportunity and we gain a wonderful sense of community when we all join together for a meal.

Over the course of time, our income has exceeded our (minimal) costs so in the spirit of Outreach that was the basis for the Dinner, we have made donations throughout Erin in support of the betterment of people and organizations such as EWCS Food Bank, The Special Friends, Arc Industries building fund, the Erin Skate Park, and the Upper Credit Humane Society. The Community Dinner happens on the 4th Friday (more or less) of each month. Check our web site Church Calendar, Erin Advocate or the Wellington Advertiser “Upcoming Events” columns for exact dates.

Starting in Fall 2017, The Community Dinner evolved beyond the vision of its founders and now partners with other groups from teh community who carry out the hosting and cooking responsibilities in the All Saints Parish Hall, while All Saints members assist with organization, set-up and clean-up support.

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