Families Ministry

In January 2015, a lay-led Families Ministry Team started a monthly Family Service and monthly Messy Church to attract and build a younger generation that might become the future of All Saints Church ministry in the Erin community. Five years later, we can look back on very positive results on which to build. Family Service on Sunday mornings, and Messy Church on Tuesday evenings, worked separately and together in that while most attend just one, there are families who move on to the other and also into more general church life. IMG_1514

Family Service has now been relaunched as Breakfast Church, combining a delicious, free pancake breakfast with a shorter, informal Family Service. Messy Church, currently on hiatus with an Easter restart planned, has attracted new members from outside our church (Moms, Grandparents, etc) to strengthen the organising Family Ministries team. The more the merrier….it is very worthwhile and great fun. IMG_1512

Please contact Kelly Culp via the Contact Us page if you are interested in getting involved.

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