Community Service

In addition to the monthly Community Dinner, All Saints Church has an extensive involvement in Community Service:

ERIN REFUGEE ACTION was set up in 2016 to bring Syrian Refugee Families to Erin. All Saints Church is tightly partnered and operates the diocesan relationship required by the government to allow participation in this scheme. One family has been settled for many months, and another is due shortly. We operate the collection of donations for ERA and our church has made a number of donations, some from successful fund raising events like our Spring Concert. We also provide meeting facilities and administrative support. In addition, individual All Saints Church members fulfil ongoing resettlement tasks, as well as giving personal financial help.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES: We fully support the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and work with community groups to build awareness of Indigenous issues by hosting awareness programs such as the Kairos Blanket Exercise. The High Hopes Women’s group have donated to Indigenous youth suicide prevention, and recently the Parish Council donated to the Mohawk Institute “Save the Evidence” campaign (after a parish visit). We support a health initiative campaign to make transplants more available to indigenous peoples.

YOUTH: We work closely with Youth for Christ and provide ongoing financial support. Church members also provide help to the young through the Optimist Service Club and to Erin Air Cadets. In addition, we make donations to small projects like Erin Skatepark as opportunities arise.

THE ELDERLY: Individual members of All Saints Church provide a wide range of volunteer support in the community. Our Deacon volunteers as Chaplain to the Legion Branch, and our members volunteer help and money for Legion Seniors programmes and help with home visits to parish members and their families when needed. We have donated to East Wellington Community Services rural seniors work. Church members are part of the Erin Young at Heart Choir, which performs for seniors community events.

THE SICK AND DYING: Our church helps in a variety of ways. Our Deacon provides hospital chaplaincy and members make regular hospital and hospice visits. We donate to Bethell and Guelph Hospices and a number of members volunteer at Bethell Hospice, one at board level.

THE POOR AND HOMELESS: We make ongoing donations to the Food Bank (Messy Church children donated vegetables they grew in our church garden). We have also made donations to a variety of East Wellington Community Services appeals (particularly thanks to our Community Dinner) and members carry out a range of voluntary tasks for East Wellington. For years we have supported Guelph’s Sister Christine’s Shelter and the Christmas Family Hamper appeal. Members support other charities including the Scott Mission, Covenant House, the Salvation Army, PWRDF, and World Vision.

MINISTERIAL SUPPORT: All Saints Church clergy (both Priest and Deacon) provide voices and leadership in the Town of Erin Ministerial Committee. This group exists as a means of ecumenical outreach, plans community worship services, and  provides personal support for its members.

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