Choir & Music

Do you enjoy singing in the shower?

 If you do you would really enjoy singing with us, not in the shower but at All Saints Church. We are a group of nine (both young and old), who are hoping to grow to twelve with your help. We have a lot of fun and at the same time produce some really beautiful sounds.

We have a wonderful, understanding choir director who not only teaches us but encourages us. He also plays the piano and the organ for us.

So come and give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.

You know what they say “if Sask can sing in the choir then anyone can.”

Contact “Sask” Wilford at 519-855-6268 or

All Saints Choir is a SATB choir and, because of the efforts of Mrs. K.McGibbon, we areIMG_1004 affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music. Currently we have 8 members and eager to increase the choir to around 12. We rely on the talents of our entire membership to make each season successful.

Music is an essential part of the celebrations at All Saints; we have a beautiful sounding Casavant Pipe Organ and use a diverse music repertoire to enhance the worship.

We have two musicians who share leadership of the choir. Rehearsals take place prior to the main Sunday Service and at other times as requested.

Participating as a chorister is immensely rewarding. We welcome new members that love singing, preferably (but not essentially) have some sight reading skills and a sense of rhythm, as well as a sense of humour.

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