Who We Are

All Saints Anglican Church is …

All Saints is a parish family of dedicated individuals who strive to follow ways and teaching of Jesus Christ to fill the earth with compassion, love and justice.

All Saints Anglican Church is a parish within …

All Saints is part of a much larger family which is connected to Anglicans (and Episcopalians) all around the world.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Niagara is The Right Reverend Michael A Bird

The Archbishop of the Province of Ontario is The Most Reverend Colin Johnson

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada is The Most Reverend Fred Hiltz

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the Most Reverend Justin Welby

Members: Every person who is baptized, is a minister of the Gospel in the world. Each is called to a life of service and love of God and neighbour. The ministry of the baptised includes caring for those in need, striving for justice and peace and participating in the life of worship and prayer.

Parish Council: Selected from and by parishioners, the parish council forms a group of individuals who give of their time, energy and talents to facilitate the various ministries, programs and activities of All Saints.

Wardens: Elected or appointed, wardens in the parish are responsible for the material stewardship of the building, the church and the parish hall, as well as the property. This includes careful stewardship of the financial resources of the parish. One new warden is selected at the annual vestry meeting (the AGM of the parish) and wardens serve for three consecutive years.

Vocational Deacon: All Saints is blessed to have a person whose ministry is dedicated to “the church scattered” and whose role it is to bring the needs of the community to the attention of the church. Deacon Irene Walback offers herself in a variety of ministries including the Breakfast Club at Erin Public School and she serves as Chaplain to the Royal Canadian Legion, Erin Branch. You will also see her wielding oven-mitts during the community dinner and praying at Sunday worship.

Musician: We are currently blessed with two musicians, Pam White and Phil Gravelle, who share leadership of our SATB choir and playing our Casavant pipe organ. From time to time, parishioners also share their other musical gifts.

Parish Administrator: The hub of communication and organization is the office of the parish administrator. Elinor Fuller is usually in the church office on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. She coordinates hall rentals.

Rector: The pastor, priest, minister and rector of All Saints is the Reverend Susan Wilson. She offers spiritual guidance and leads the congregation in worship. Rev. Wilson is responsible for the weekly services and plans each worship in accordance to guidelines for the Anglican Diocese of Niagara and with creative responsiveness to the needs of the community. As priest, Rev. Wilson presides at the Eucharist and Baptisms, as well as at Weddings and Funerals. As pastor and minister, she cares for both members of the parish and members of the community at large. The rector, along with the wardens of the parish, has responsibility for the safe, accessible and sustainable ministries offered through All Saints Anglican Church. In 2005, she was made a Canon of Christ's Church Cathedral in Hamilton.