Church Organizations and Activities

All Saints Erin has a wonderful range of organizations and activities that flourish as a result of hard work from many dedicated and highly capable people.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the elements of Communion and in the preparation of the Church for Worship Services.

Serving on the Altar Guild is a very meaningful experience. Teams of two or three Guild Members are scheduled to work together on a two-week rotation during the year, polishing and cleaning brass and silver, arranging flowers, washing the linens and setting up the Altar for Communion. All members join in the three major annual Church decoration projects and enjoy the fellowship. We always welcome new members to join us in providing these very important services to the Church, and we are also looking for volunteers to help in the planting and tending of the Celebration Garden and the garden in front of the Church.


All Saints Choir is a SATB choir and because of the efforts of Mrs. K.McGibbon we are affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music. Currently we have 11 members and eager to increase the choir to around 16. We rely on the talents of our entire membership to make each season successful. Music is an essential part of the celebrations at All Saints; we have a beautiful sounding Casavant Pipe Organ and use a diverse music repertoire to enhance the worship.

We have two musicians who share leadership of the choir. Rehearsals take place prior to the Sunday service and at other times as requested.

Participating as a chorister is immensely rewarding. We welcome new members that love singing, We welcome new members that love singing, preferably but not essentially have some sight reading and senses of rhythm, as well as a sense of humour.

Community Dinner

We began our monthly Community Dinners in December 2010 as a means of reaching out to the community beyond the Parish. While we’re always hopeful that it will ultimately lead to new members, we refrain from any sort of evangelizing, preferring to simply offer a warm welcome, a hand of friendship, and a hot, simple meal.

We do not charge any money nor do we pass a collection plate but we do have a basket beside the door to which people are free to contribute if they feel so moved. Fortunately, we’ve so far been self-supporting through voluntary contributions, shrewd shopping practices, and most importantly, the fantastic support we’re getting from the rest of the Parish and the Erin community.

Our dedicated volunteers do the shopping, prep the hall, cook the food and clean up. We advertise in the local papers, and we place flyers at the Laundromat and the food bank. Each time, we see more and more newcomers at the dinner and that is what keeps us coming back for the next month! The new people who come to our dinners seem truly grateful for the opportunity and we gain a wonderful sense of community when we all join together for a meal.

Over the course of time, our income has exceeded our (minimal) costs so in the spirit of Outreach that was the basis for the Dinner, we have made donations throughout Erin in support of the betterment of people and organizations such as EWCS Food Bank, The Special Friends, Arc Industries building fund, the Erin Skate Park, and the Upper Credit Humane Society. The Community Dinner happens on the 4th Friday (more or less) of each month. Check our web site Church Calendar, Erin Advocate or the Wellington Advertiser "Upcoming Events" columns for exact dates.


Not just “coffee hour” – Fellowship!

For those of you who congregate in the church hall, following a Sunday service, chances are that you are aware that it’s about much more than the coffee. And yes, it’s even about more than the oft yummy snacks and treats that are served. It’s a time and place where we connect socially with the people we spend time with on Sundays. We’re not just Anglicans who attend All Saints. We’re people with lives outside of church. Collectively, we have children, we work or go to school or volunteer, have hobbies and interests, a hidden talent or two; we also have challenges and stressors and sometimes things we need help with. This time of fellowship makes our time within church so much richer because we are more aware of and connected to the people we sit beside. And in front of, behind, down the aisle from… etc.

Please join us for fellowship, following whichever service you choose to attend. Also, if you’re interested in helping out with this valuable Ministry, please contact me.


Every person who enters the doors of this church will be greeted with a “Welcome to All Saints”. We have a dedicated team of Greeters who, in their turn, carry out this important task. Our Greeters are especially valuable to newcomers as they can also help explain the service and the books in use, tell folk about the facilities and where they are and extend an invitation to the coffee time after the service for refreshment and friendly fellowship.

Please contact me if you would be interested in helping with this very important ministry.

High Hopes

High Hopes is a women's social group that had its beginning many years ago with a group of young mums. These original members are almost all grandmothers now. The name was chosen to reflect the attitude that these women looked up to the generation before them. New comers will find we are an open and welcoming group, and you need not have kids and grandkids to have a fun night out with us. We meet at 7:30, on the first Monday of the month, from September to June, for a little inspiration, some fun and great snacks. High Hopes takes on projects and puts on retreats. If we make money we use it to support a couple of favourite charities and to help with the Sunday School picnic, etc. We are not a fund raising committee but sometimes our fun turns a profit. The hostess for a monthly meeting is posted in the Sunday bulletin and our web site Church Calendar. This is one of the church groups that can help a new congregation member to meet others and become a part of the All Saints' community.


A server carries the cross ahead of the procession at the start and end of the service. Throughout the service, servers carry out a vital role in efficiently and religiously helping the priest conduct the Eucharist service. Server’s close involvement throughout often grows into a stronger love and understanding of this office, fundamental to the Christian religion.

We have a dedicated group of younger and older servers and welcome enquiries from anyone of any age interested in joining.


The youth of All Saints are invited to participate in the wide variety of youth activities offered through the Diocese of Niagara Youth Ministry (Facebook).

Additional to activities of these church organizations, there other activities occurring on a regular basis. These include:

Community Service and Fund-raising

Food bank collections responding to the continuing need to provide nourishing essentials for those experiencing tough times
Homeless sleeping bags providing sleeping bags for Peel Region homeless so they sleep warmer wherever
Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund supporting a wide range of good causes to reduce misery and give hope for the future, worldwide and in Canada
Bethell Hospice supporting this wonderful, comforting home for those suffering and close to death
Worldwide Childrens Charities fund raising for charities working to improve the lives of very poor and deprived children
Cookie Walk a very tasty annual fund raising event
School breakfast club yummy breakfasts to give children a good start to the day at a local school
Open Door Event open church offers warmth , refreshment and activities at the Erin Window Wonderland Event
Plus many church members give freely of their time for a wide range of good causes.

Parish Socials

Saintly Social Groups smaller informal gathering at member’s homes
Parish Picnic annual summer event in a member’s lovely garden.
Swinging with the Saints fun golf, quiz for non golfers followed by barbeque
Barn Dance enjoyable evening and good exercise
Plus other activities are also arranged. For information, check this website CHURCH CALENDAR or email an inquiry to the church office .